Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today is July 24, in the Year of America's Lord Jesus Christ 2007

President Reassures His Hundreds of Remaining Supporters Following Routine Rectal Roto-Rootering

THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans: Yesterday, I briefly surrendered my reigns of power to Vice President Dick Cheney, on account of I had to get a colonasstomy in case the loving God who appointed me ruler changes His mind and tries to kill me with the ass cancer. I know it's uncomfortable for my adoring public to think of me, their super-macho El Hefe, all drugged up and helpless, de-pantsed, with a ten-foot robot python jimmying so far up my gayhole, it could taste yesterday's Cheetos – but don't worry: I'm OK. And to every fucktard standup comic and late show host who's wondering: NO, they did not find another copy of my Iraq war plan up there! ...

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Friday, July 20, 2007

In the News

"WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush will have a colonoscopy Saturday and temporarily hand presidential powers to Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House said..."

Apparently Dubya is having his butt examined to see just how far his head has gone.

The bad news is that Crazy Dick will be officially in charge.

Tomorrow will be a very scary day.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anniversary Dinner

Last Monday was our 24th wedding anniversary. We weren't together physically but he send beautiful flowers and we talked on the phone several times. I told him to take himself out to a nice dinner and have a wonderful time. He insisted to do the same.

The condo I am living in is in a fabulous location. If I take the elevator to the 3rd floor I exit directly into the mall. Not just any mall. Sure, there is the basic food court with Subway, Mickey D's. Dairy Queen etc..... but, there are also many nice restaurants as well. One is of which is Thaifoon.

Now, I am not a fan of Thai food. It's usually too spicy for me. But this place has a secret dessert that draws me in. So, for my anniversary dinner this is the place I chose. One order of fried pot stickers please. And that banana dessert.

The pot stickers were delicious but the banana spring roll, to die for! The filling is a fresh banana surrounded by banana flavored cheesecake which is rolled in a traditional spring roll sheet. After deep frying it's sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. THEN it's served with fresh strawberry slices, fresh strawberry puree, Carmel sauce and fresh whipped cream. Banana spring roll. mmmmmmmmmmm
Better than wedding cake.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...With Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Just hours after a federal appeals court rejected Libby's appeal, Bush announced his decision to commute the prison term portion of the sentence, which he labeled excessive.

President George W. Bush sought on Wednesday to rally support for the war in Iraq, appealing to Americans on Independence Day for "more patience, more courage and more sacrifice."

Visiting Tia

This is Tia. We are bonding this month... along with a herd of kitties.

I am in Salt Lake City for the month of July. Why? Miss Tia's parents (my daughter and son in law) are in the UK and they needed a sitter. Since they have no children... this is the next best to being a grand. So, here I am. Sitting in a lovely condo at the Gateway surrounded by pets.

It's hot here... yeah, it's a dry heat... but so is my oven and I don't want to get inside it! Lucky for me Tia only wants to walk a couple of times a day and we can avoid the major heat of the day. The park out front is beautiful so I don't mind.

Did I mention that the Gateway area is also a mall? BONUS! There is a movie theater in my back yard and shops galore! Going to the day spa this afternoon for a hair trim. Much is within walking distance and/or the light rail they put in for the olympics. I'll need the car for the grocery store and stuff like Target but mostly I'll be able to get there on foot.

Only a few blocks over is Pioneer Park. On summer Saturdays they have a Farmer's Market there. What fun! This past weekend we loaded up on homemade cheese & bread and lots of fresh cherries. Tia walks over too but has a doggy stroller to ride home in because she's old and can't walk all day. She's quite the center of attention in her little buggy.

I'm already homesick but it's nice and peaceful here and my plan is to relax and enjoy it.