Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teach Your Children Well

When to start?
Is it ever too soon?
Are they ever too young?
Everything they see is what they know.
Everything they see YOU do is a lesson.

At the mall playground, observing children, made me wonder of parents... when are you going to start teaching your children right from wrong.?
Playground entrance sign says... "Must Remove Shoes." (Clearly posted above the shoe storage.) And yet, some parents don't have their kids remove their shoes.
Posted: "Children must be supervised by an adult." However, children... usually older ones... are playing unattended.
"Please leave strollers in the stroller parking area." But, a woman pushes an empty double stroller into the play area and parks it partially blocking the exit.

Have parents become so lazy they can't be bothered to teach simple rules. Since when are so many exempt?

Disney World is an amazing place to people watch. Bad parenting is quite evident there. Over-tired children being scolded for being over-tired. Arriving for the parade as it starts and shoving a small child to the curb so as to wiggle in front of those who have patiently waited. Running over a stranger's ankles with your stroller without so much as a "so sorry."

To these parents... Maybe you think these things are too small and picky to be taught to your children. Maybe you don't want to spoil their play time by teaching a lesson. Every day interaction with the human race is what YOU are expected to teach the children YOU brought into this world. Be sure they are learning the difference of right and wrong, not just by bad example.

Now stepping off my soap box.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Vel said... true. Makes you wonder how these children will be able to function in society when the most basic blocks of common courtesy and manners are overlooked. If they don't learn it from Mom and Dad, they probably never will.

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