Friday, July 09, 2010


For 27 years, Bobby has been the go to guy for everyone in this neighborhood. Car trouble, plumbing, flooring, add a wall, take out a wall... the all around Mr. Fix it. Day or night. Holiday or hurricane. Always there, always dependable. He's the one they call. He's a good neighbor. Sometimes we get a dinner offer but he never takes a dime... it's the neighborly thing to do.
Everyone loves Bobby.

As his health has deteriorated there has been a lot of concern. But still, the requests roll in.
They just need him to "show me." That always turns into him doing it. The man just doesn't say no.

So now it's time to pay back a little... sometimes he needs help... no one just offers, when he asks he gets a "sorry, unavailable."


He must learn that "NO!" is a complete sentence!!!

So much for do unto others.