Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama Tells GOP to 'Lay Off My Wife'

Dear Mr. Obama,

Sorry Barack, but you can't have it both ways. Your wife is out there making public speeches on your behalf, that makes her statements fair game. Your kids are off limits for sure. But the little woman is another story.

Is Bill Clinton exempt from scrutiny? If he had said what your wife did do you really think that Hillary could go on GMA and demand "Lay Off My Husband" and that would be the end of it? After all, he's just a spouse in this arena. How about Mrs. McCain? Should she be ignored if she says something many Americans think is unacceptable?

I'm a voting registered Democrat but I think you're wrong on this one.

Connie in FL

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disturbing Devastation

I can't even imagine...

My heart breaks for the victims and survivors.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


What fun! The hats, the mint juleps, southern hospitality... wagering. Hoopla galore! All dressed up, waiting with anticipation for the song to be sung. The horses parade by, jockeys in their silks.

They're off!!! The herd bolts from their cages. Bright colors flash by. Whips fly.... The crowd goes crazy... RUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!

Winners cheer, losers pout... just that quick, it's over. The winners have celebrating to do... the roses are place, trophy presented, interviews to the media... recap, rerun, again and again. The excitement once more.

I don't get it. I watched it but didn't like it. The majesty of these creatures is breathtaking. They live in million dollar barns, are trained by well paid professionals, beautifully groomed. Then turned loose to fly like the wind for what,the money.

Do they really need to be struck? They aren't fast enough? They run their hearts out yet you hit them. Sometimes they win, sometimes they loose, sometimes they die.

Though an unpopular opinion, I think it's cruel. I'm sad for the animal. It hurts me to watch them. If I were king, it would stop. For the horses and the greyhounds. Watch Nascar instead, they have a choice.