Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lunch with Judge Greer

My Dad was a member of Rotary and had perfect attendance for 53 years. Do that math! A meeting every week for 53 years equals 2756 weeks in a row! In the 70's he stopped by a Rotary meeting on his way to and home from open heart surgery. Until last year when his health failed, he was still attending regularly. Over he years he raised tens of thousands of dollars for Rotary International charities and was proud of his participation.

Yesterday evening we had dinner with a friend who happens to be an active Rotarian. Our conversation turned to the results of the Terri Schiavo's autopsy report. Suddenly Joe said to everyone at the table, by the way, Judge Greer will be the speaker at Rotary tomorrow if anyone wants to go. I said I'd LOVE to go. My mother was with us and she asked Joe to tell George she said hello! Apparently Judge Greer and my dad were friends and I didn't know it! Somehow I feel proud to have a connection.

I am not a member but I've certainly attended my share of Rotary functions with my dad over the years. This will be my first since his death. Hopefully I'll have an opportunity to introduce myself to Judge Greer as my dad's daughter and tell him how much I respect him. I voted for this judge in the last election because of the way he handled this case and I'll vote for this judge every time he runs for office from now on.


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