Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kids and Dogs

I attend Weight Watchers meetings every Tuesday morning at 10 AM. They last less than an hour and I picked this particular class because Leona is a good group leader. It's a much needed incentive for me to keep up with the program plus I usually learn something. Most of the attendees are older folks but there are a few young-in's. During the winter our group swells to the point that if you want your "regular" seat, you must arrive early. This time of year you can get there just before the meeting and you're fine. I sit in the front row, on the end, so I can see the marker board.

I was running late this morning and didn't get there until almost 10. I pulled my records from the file box in back of the room and took a place in line to wait my turn to weigh in. Leona started the meeting, as she does every week, by giving out "bravo" stars. She gives stars if you loose weight, if you don't loose weight but came to the meeting anyway... well, pretty much for anything. Then she started the lesson of the week. Poor Ruthie was left alone to weigh in those of us who were late. One younger gal was taking an especially long time. She was new and had brought her baby with her. The child was about one and yelled and fussed the entire time. Leona tried to talk over the noise but it wasn't easy. She smiled nonetheless and pressed on.

About the time Ruthie got to me, another lady walked in with her dog! She pulled out a chair, covered it with a towel and sat the animal down. Then she walked to the back of the room to pull her records out of the file box leaving the doggie unattended. Now, the pooch was adorable... sort of a Dot and Dash little mixed thing only all white. But, not over weight NOR a WW member. The child was taken with the dog and loudly expressed her delight and her interest in getting off Mommy's lap to get a closer look. About that time another dog walked by outside and the WW dog WENT NUTS barking and crying to go outside and get to the other dog!!! When someone tried to calm the dog (it's owner was still in line) it growled, barked and snapped at them. The dog cornered itself in the reception area and Ruthie wisely decided to get the heck out of there. THEN the owner got involved. She finally got hold of the dog and took it out of the room.

Am I the only one who thinks taking children and animals to meetings is inappropriate? There have been children and dogs there before without incident but I still think it's wrong. This situation turned out to be nothing more than a rude interruption to the day. The possibilities of what could have happened are endless. It's scary.


At 9:56 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Doll...we know what you are saying. Of course it isn't acceptable for people bring animals and children to meetings. I venture to say these are the same people who chat on the phone in the middle of the grocery store, who get to the check out counter and then start looking for their money or their credit card or god forbid writing a check. Writing a check in 2005. What is up with that. I digress...as is my want. Keep up the WW...slow and steady is where it is at!

At 11:19 AM, Blogger Hollie The Mom said...

That was inappropriate... The phone at checkout I have done but only when I see the number calling me is someone that I must answer (like my son's agent)


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