Friday, May 06, 2005

The Rest of the Story

It's been a very difficult week at best, following the strange and sad series of events that lead to Kay's death. We have not placed blame or even hinted there was negligence anywhere along the line. Just a tragic, bazaar accident with the worst possible outcome.

Every Wednesday, we have dinner with a group of friends. On the day of Kay's accident, she and I had attended a fashion show and luncheon with another of the Wednesday night ladies and this week's dinner was the first time I had seen or talked to her since then. She naturally had questions about what happened.

We were at the salad bar, I explained. I had finished and returned to the table as Kay was putting dressing on her salad. Just as I sat down there was a noise. I saw her face down on the floor and ran to her side. The nightmare began. I told Sherry about her shaking her head no when asked if she was OK then again when asked if she wanted help getting up. After that, no response then no pulse, cardiac arrest. About the nurse who did CPR saving her at the time and the paramedics using the defibrillator then what happened at the hospital. As the story unfolded, for what seemed like the zillionth time, she wanted to know what restaurant. When I said Steak and Ale her mouth dropped open. Someone else she knew had been there when this all happened. They didn't know it was Kay, just that someone fell at the salad bar and the hectic activity that followed.

She shared a very disturbing account of what happened after we left the restaurant. As the events unfolded, the restaurant employees closed off the salad bar we had used and set up one in another room. Apparently some customers were upset they were inconvenienced. ::tough shit:: But the worst of all is the behavior of the good sized group who were seated in the same dining area we were.

As we were being seated, Bobby noticed they were being served and one of them was sent their food back to the kitchen. They were just finishing up their supper when Kay fell. Apparently, after the paramedics left with Kay, the group demanded to see the manager. Their dinner had been ruined, they insisted. The incident was very upsetting for them to see and they shouldn't be charged for their meals! The manager finally agreed not to charge them, perhaps to get rid of them. When they left, they also stiffed the waiter! They had a free dinner, didn't tip their waiter OR offer one caring word for the injured lady who's dinner and life was also ruined. They saw the opportunity for a free meal and took it.

Shocking but not surprising these days I guess. It's a shame really. I pity those uncaring people. It makes me angry but mostly sad. How hard hearted can you be? "There but for the grace of God..." I am sure they've enjoyed sharing their story with others this week and probably didn't notice Kay's obituary in Wednesday's paper. They didn't know her... their loss.

As we hurriedly left the restaurant we asked for our check, fully expecting to pay for the food and wine we'd been served, but the manager would not let us. Bobby reached into his pocked but Tony, our waiter, shook his head no and handed me his home phone number and asked us to let him know how things went. Bobby left a tip on the table anyway.


At 7:09 AM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Amazing. No. Sad, yes. This all about "me" world we live in is a poorer, sadder place then any I imagined. What we must not do is let this inhumanity weigh us down. The bitter, the callow, the selfish will get their reward. I won't be there to gloat, but I know that you always get what you give. Bon Voyage Kay!


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