Friday, April 29, 2005

Other People's Kids part two

Yesterday, I read a very insightful article in the St. Petersburg Times regarding this sad story. It was most sensitive to the feelings of this obviously troubled child.

I hope I didn't appear to blame the child for this unfortunate situation. To the contrary, I put total blame squarely on the parents and family. According to the article, the teachers and police are all too familiar with this poor child and her problems. At some point in time during the little girl's 28 minute tantrum (clips show about 10 seconds of it) the mother was called... she couldn't pry herself away from work to come to the school. I understand it being difficult to leave when you really need to keep your job but, to then turn around and get an attorney after leaving your kid's bad behavior for the school to handle... well, I just don't understand that at all. This very unfortunate child is the one suffering. While the media circus unfolds turning this into a racial issue, she is learning new lessons on how not to behave. Once again, people who have no clue what's going on are here bellowing about what "should have been done." ::sigh::

I have an idea... how about every one of those "concerned citizens" who think the teachers, administrators, and police officers acted inappropriately volunteer at an elementary school for one month? One full grading period would be even better. Sit in every chair. Experience what happens daily in the classroom, the lunch room, the office, the cafeteria kitchen, the library, the playground, the gym, the bathrooms, the bus line. Organize enrollment, dismissal, and lunch. Answer the phones, make the announcements, clean up the aftermath of a sick child. Then take home homework to grade and lesson plans to prepare for the next day. Deal with students, teachers, administrators and parents. Stay with the crying child who's mother forgets to pick them up. Do it all. Teaching is a very difficult an under appreciated and underpaid profession. Working in a school in any capacity these days is a challenge at best. Sitting back and placing blame or passing judgment is unfair and ignorant. Walk a mile in those shoes THEN tell me what you think.

PS: To the jugglers and Jessie Jackson... please stay out of this one.


At 9:20 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Racial issue my ass. This is a simple case of a parent who shouldn't be one, raising a child most likely by example, being exploited by the law community and it makes me puke. I'm with you. All the whingers out there should go spend just one day in school. Let's see how they deal. How bout the kid who took his mom's needle to school and poked 18 other kids. Who's at fault here? It's the same as a child proof lighter. Why does when need a child proof lighter when the adult using said lighter should be responsible for said lighter and then we could all act our age. Please....


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