Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Other People's Kids

For some unexplained reason, I have a propensity for attracting much unwanted contact with "other people's kids." If there is a screaming baby or an unruly child in a restaurant, I am seated at the adjoining table. Blood curdling screams find me handily in grocery and department stores. The kid pushing it's own stroller always manages to maneuver it into my heels as if there's a GPS with me programed in. The unmistakable wail of a spoiled child makes my blood run cold no matter the situation. Having no grandchildren, I am intolerant in my old age. As a result, undisciplined children basically drive me crazy.

I probably disciplined my kids too harshly at times but they knew what was permissible in "polite society." We went to church weekly where "sit still and be quiet" meant just that. They both attended pre-school where they learned how to behave in a classroom setting including minding the teacher and sharing. As their education progressed, they learned to respect their educators and follow the rules that were set for EVERYONE. As a parent, I supported those rules. And, if I had a problem with them expressed my concerns in the voting booth, at parent/teacher conferences, or a PTA meeting. If a child had a problem with the teacher or school... I sided with the school until I had all the facts. I only remember two incidents where I disagreed. One was a bad grade Erin got in Middle School PE because she was unskilled at volleyball. The other was when Kim "couldn't understand" algebra... turned out the teacher spoke very broken English and it was the teacher she couldn't understand. (We got her tutor and made sure Erin didn't get the same teacher years later.)

Perhaps you've heard about the kindergartner who had to be handcuffed by the police here in Pinellas County Florida. It's all over the tabloid TV programs. (It's always something for us, isn't it?)

This child has a history of discipline problems. She is disruptive and difficult in school. There have been prior problems enough times that the police have been called before because of her behavior. Tantrum doesn't begin to describe this child's bad behavior. Just who is responsible for that? After a previous incident her mother specifically told the school staff they could not touch the child. Okay, so they are supposed to just stand there and let this child kick them and destroy the property? Knowing that, they finally called the police to take her out of the school. (The police being under no such restrictions.) This child is COMPLETELT OUT OF CONTROL and all the mother can think of to do about it is sue. I am outraged by the mother's attitude!

To compound this outrageous situation, Al Sharpton and A Current Affair are now involved and this woman is being paid for her story! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

Nuf said for now, I need to check my blood pressure.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Doncha love it when they sue. Makes it all so transparent. Children learn, I think that is pretty clear, and one has to wonder where that terrorist called a child learned the behavior she exhitbited in that class room. The simple fact of the matter is that no, no longer means no. Civility is no longer a viable method for moving through the world. Just come hang out where I live. I see this daily from people and their pets soiling the public spaces for all, to the constant noise, as if they are the only people living in this apartment community. Yikes!


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