Thursday, April 28, 2005

Road Rage

Just before noon Tuesday morning, a thirty three year old man was killed on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. That in itself, though sad, is not uncommon. A driver not wearing a seat belt, looses control of his Isuzu Rodeo. It flips over ejecting the unrestrained driver who later dies during surgery for his injuries. Just that quick a young life is gone. Cause of death, victim of road rage. Yes, road rage killed this man.

Witnesses say that Vincent Edward Tucker was driving his silver Rodeo west on the causeway when a shiny black SUV pulled up behind him honking at Mr. Tucker to move over. According to one witness the driver of the black SUV was relentless but Tucker didn't move. Gesturers and perhaps words were exchanged. The black SUV eventually got into the right lane and passed Mr. Tucker then veered back into the fast lane, cutting him off. Tucker tried to avoid hitting the SUV by slamming on his breaks and that's when he lost control. As the Rodeo flipped over, the black SUV drove away. Witnesses say he had to have know he caused the accident.

Yesterday I had occasion to be traveling on that same stretch of road. There was traffic in both lanes when I got onto the causeway. I was in the fast lane going 5 mph over the posted speed keeping with the flow of traffic. A white SUV pulled up behind me quite quickly and closely rode my bumper. If there had been a space in the right lane I would have moved over but I would have had to cut off another driver to do so. As the traffic began to spread out a bit I was surprised to see the white SUV cut off the car in the right lane then speed by me and cut in so closely that I had to break and pull a little left to keep him from clipping my finder. All the while the driver was flipping me off and flailing his arms. My heart paused then raced. The white SUV continued to weave and bob around other cars until he was out of sight.

Are we all crazy or what? Stupidity is running amok! Does anyone ever drive anywhere today without encountering someone being crazy or stupid? Sometimes ourselves! It's one thing to be angry with another driver... that happens to everyone. But, to risk life and limb to gain one position on the roadway? That's just nuts.

I hope they catch the driver of the black SUV. (He's wanted for hit and run.) To cause a serious accident then just drive off is unbelieveable. Maybe he panicked at the time, but the fact he hasn't come forward now that he knows a man is dead indicates he thinks he's gotten away with manslaughter. I hope he can't sleep because the nightmare plays over and over in his head and his heart jumps into his throat every time he sees a police car wondering if they know it's me? I hope he is so overcome with guilt he turns himself in. If not, that he confides in someone and that person turns him in. I hope he doesn't have kids he drives to school like that!


At 9:38 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

I'd say there was a snowballs chance in hell of this joker turning himself in. In all honesty I bet he isn't even thinking about it. You have to wonder what everyone is in such a hurry about. I face this every morning when I walk. People never looking, never using a turn signal, speeding and talking on the phone. It's a total drag.


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