Thursday, April 14, 2005

Our Reputation Precedes Us

I love living in Florida. There's something special about not owning a coat.

I wanted to move here in '76 but my first husband enjoyed living in BFE Missouri so I didn't get here until '82. Two kids, zero husband, some family close by. It was simpler then. We were just the Sunshine State. Home to clean sandy beaches, theme parks, senior citizens, NASA shuttle launches and wonderful weather. When someone asked where we lived we proudly announced Clearwater, Florida!

This past week we traveled to Las Vegas for some much needed R&R. While there we had occasion to attend a 50's themed banquet. The live music, food and decorations were fabulous. The three ladies who sat at our table were from California. "Where are you from", one asked? "Clearwater, Florida" I reply. "Oh." she says, not making eye contact. "I know", I reply... fully aware we Floridians are the butt of jokes all over the world... and deservedly so. What seemed to me to be awkward silence ensued for a minute. The lady then excused herself to go to the bar. On her way, she paused next to me and whispered.... "How close are you to that Judge Greer?" Gulp... "We're there" I said back, "Right there in his jurisdiction. Clearwater is where "it" all happened." Disgusted she asks firmly, "Do you think he will be re-elected?" How I wanted to scream, "I HOPE SO! I VOTED FOR HIM LAST ELECTION!!!" But, alas I did not. I chickened out and was polite and just as firmly said, "I'm sure he will, he's very popular." We were there on a much needed vacation, attending the banquet as participants in a slots tournament for crying out loud, no need to bring Terri into it. Let her rest in peace.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That lady probably took a white van to Vegas.

At 1:51 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Were you traveling with your bathing cap? thought all the loonies were in truth they are everywhere! In case you are wondering, I'm going to cut that bitch dead the next time I see her! Glad you are home and glad you didn't let it get you down!


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