Saturday, April 02, 2005


I know about feuds with in-laws. My first husband's mother was a piece of work but couldn't hold a candle to my current version. OMG... the stories I could tell!!! Friends want me to write a book but it would be volumes. Not sure the time and drive are available to me at this age.

Feuding in-laws have been in the news lately. It's sad really that some things don't end with the death of a loved one. Moving on seems to be a problem for some. I can't imagine my mother interfering in my final arrangements should I proceed her. I can, however, imagine my current mother in law sticking her nose in if something should happen to my husband and she is still here. Too bad some parents can't let their children be adults to make their own choices - no matter the child's age. We have living wills, powers of attorney and our wishes in writing. Thank goodness. If something happen, I'll have proof for my MIL!

Loosing a child under any circumstances must be the worst possible thing that can happen to a parent. I know that's true, it's happened to some of our family members. Denying they were capable of making their own choices just adds to the misery.


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