Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I have one sister. I love her dearly. She is without a doubt, my best friend which has nothing to do with this post, it's just a fact. She has one child, my only niece.

My husband has three sisters and one living brother. Linda has two daughters; Patty has two sons and three living daughters (her youngest daughter -Nancy Jo- was tragically killed last year at the age of 14) ; Vicky has two girls and a boy; and Randy has two daughters. Though we live hundreds of miles apart, we are especially close to Patty and Vicky's children. They are amazingly loving children. The expression close knit perfectly applies to all of them. Protective of one another. I do not agree with their political or religious beliefs. We agree to disagree. We don't discuss it really. These sisters married brothers. The combined families are perhaps the most caring families I know.

Tricia is now Patty's youngest. She's always been ONE of my favorites. I know I shouldn't have favorites, I love them all. Each has their own unique lovability. I really do love them all very very much. But, I find something especially special about Tricia. She's deeply religious. She possesses an amazing faith. Thoughtful, caring, giving, generous, kind, loving, and insightful. She's fun and funny. Hip and square. She loves country and religious music. And smart.... she's real smart. When Nancy Jo was killed she was a rock. Confident her sister was in "a better place" and "with the Lord." I worried about Trish. She and Nanny Jo had shared a room since NJ's birth. They were close. As close as sisters can be. As close as I am to my sister. I worried about her because I know how I think I'd feel if something happened to my own sister.

Today my phone rang about 8:30 am. "Hi Aunt Connie, it's Tricia!" She had come to Florida with her friend Jessie to visit Jessie's grandparents for spring break. "Is it alright if we come over and see you and Uncle Bobby sometime today?" She's 17 until next month. They are teenagers in Florida for spring break. They drove 90 miles to visit us ... not to go to the beach or a theme park, just to visit relatives and say hello. They brought us an Easter Lilly. They couldn't stay too long, Jessie's grandparents didn't want them out in the busy Florida traffic too late. They are only 17.


At 8:56 AM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Human beings are wonderful and are to be celebrated. Family in all forms must be celebrated as well. Family is about so much more then blood. Family is about all of us. If we remember to take the time to care the world becomes a much better place to be.


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