Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Homosexually is a Fad!

This evening I had the opportunity to catch up on some newspaper reading. In the Clearwater section of today's St. Petersburg Times,there was a letter to the editor response to Monday's publication.

I wanted to share the letter but decided it would be a good idea to post the original first. So, I am posting that one now... Eliminating the letter writers name to protect him from further embarrassment. Tomorrow, a very eloquent response.

"Homosexuality is about morality, not civil rights or discrimination"
Letter to the Editor
Published May 1, 2006
Re : Organizers shoot high with annual event, story, April 21.

Not so fast, mayor.

It is interesting to see Dunedin leaders so enthusiastically get behind the gay and lesbian "Pride in our Diversity" event, sponsored no less by baseball's Dunedin Blue Jays. Mayor Bob Hackworth was quoted as saying, "We have pride, not prejudice," and "We reject intolerance and discrimination."

Citizens should expect a little more discernment and wisdom from the mayor of Dunedin. Mr. Hackworth apparently does not comprehend that homosexuality is a moral issue, not a civil rights or discrimination issue.

The mayor is essentially beating his chest to proclaim that this is "the exact opposite of what happened in Hillsborough County last year." It was Mark Twain who said, "It is amazing how common it is to find people with physical courage, but yet how uncommon it is to find people with moral courage." Attempts to disparage others who point out the immorality of homosexuality are misplaced and merely part of a philosophy that attempts to legitimize behavior that is simply not legitimate, and is, in fact, inherently immoral.

Bigotry can only apply when one is disliked (or even hated) due to factors outside of one's control. Racial bigotry is the obvious example. However, one can control moral choices. There can be no legitimate claim of bigotry when the debate is based on a difference of values, character and/or moral behavioral choices.

Can we treat all persons in Dunedin with dignity and tolerate those with alternative lifestyles? Absolutely. Must we accept and celebrate immoral lifestyles? Absolutely not. Most of us opposed to homosexual conduct do not hate those involved, but rather compassionately wish to see those persons liberated from the lifestyle.

Voters should take note that Mayor Hackworth, and perhaps other commissioners, are showing a propensity to follow the latest pop culture fad. However, the vast majority of Americans (see recent statewide marriage amendment voting) are not buying into it.

Does Mr. Hackworth's reference to "we" properly represent the interests of the majority of Dunedin residents? Our cities need leaders with backbone, character and the willingness to stand up for moral values. Our elected officials should be leaders in our society, not simply followers of the latest trend. Those trends will pass, but character, morals and values will endure.

The gay debate is a moral issue, not a civil rights issue. It is not an issue of equality, it is an issue of right and wrong.

-- J M H, Dunedin


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