Friday, July 29, 2005


I have ants.
There I said it, I have ants.
Those insy, tiny, itty ,bitty sugar ants.

First they appeared out of nowhere in the kitchen. It was difficult to tell where they were actually entering as they were not traveling in a herd at first. Off to Home Depot for some Terro which is really just sugar syrup with ant poison in it. I've used it before and it worked. Place a nickel sized dollop of the stuff on a piece of the box that tears off for the purpose and place the button where you see the ants. Theory is, the ants on the counter you can see take little doggie bags of the stuff to their nest and put it in the Kool Aid of the ants you can't see and presto chango, all die. No more ants. You throw away the cardboard buttons and that's that. That's sort of the way they explain it on the box anyway.

So I armed my kitchen with little ant poison buttons but the ants who were on the counter didn't bother with the doggie bags. Oh no, instead they had a banquet inviting thousands of their friends and family. There they were, line dancing from one end of my counter to the other. Next day, they invited everyone back for left overs. The following day, no ants. Really. No ants. Saints be praised, it works!

Turns out, the queen ant has Map Quest and they all relocated to my master bathroom. That's clear around the other side of the house but somehow the word has spread and the whole clan was back. Naturally, when they first appeared I let loose an evil laugh and pulled out the Terro once again. Ant poison buttons were placed on the sink and in the window where they were coming in from outside. Within hours the big party was on. Next morning they were still drinking up the poison. Confident they would be gone within 24 hours I pretended not to notice them. But alas, this time the results are very different.

It's been several days now and they still won't die. I've replaced my buttons so many times I am now cutting up other boxes to use. Bobby took his trusty industrial strength bug killer deluxe spray outside and soaked the entire area around the bathroom window and along the foundation. We sprayed inside too but still they come. Perhaps they have developed an antidote or a vaccine or something. All I know for sure is these little buggers are harder to get rid of than squirrels on a bird feeder. My weekend project this.


At 4:34 PM, Blogger RED QUILT MAKER said...

Pretty obvious to me you are not a vegetarian.
There is one really BIG plus here......
No ants in your pants!

At 11:36 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Oy Vey.

I had ants last year.

I paniced of course.

Lucky for me they left after a few days...I think I did Combat Ant Traps...or some such something.

You know, they don't pay rent either...and that is a drag!



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