Saturday, March 12, 2005

Greetings from Florida!

Beautiful weather, sunny skies and white sandy beaches. Everyone wants to be here... especially this time of year. Home to retirees, snow birds and alligators. Many refer to our lovely state as "God's waiting room." Tourist traps, theme parks and trailer parks galore. Not to mention a wonderful place to hide in plain sight.

::What is she talking about?::

Remember all that September 11th business back in 2001? (It was in all the papers.) Recall reading the part about many of those terrorist fellows living and training in Florida, blending in with the locals? They went to flight schools, topless bars, plain old drinking bars... Sure, sure, sure they aren't supposed to do those things as "good" Muslims but hey, they needed to fit in. Had they done any research at all they would have know that they could have accompolished the same thing simply by moving to Orlando and buying a motel, gas station or luggage store.

I know, I know it's old news and I'm rambling instead of getting to the point.

A friend of ours has a relative visiting this week from "up north." (This phenomena comes with the change of address card when one moves to this tropical paradise.) Upon arrival at the northern airport, this relative discovered he had lost his drivers license. Though delayed clearing security, he was allowed to board the plane for Florida. So here he is with no identification.
Isn't that going to be a problem when he goes home you might ask? Sure it is. So our friend's daughter takes the relative to a local office of the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles where a friend of hers just happens to work. A few hours later... no proof of residency, no test, no nothing, this gentleman has a brand new Florida driver's license! Do I even need to make a comment here? I shutter to think how many "bad guys" have legitimate Florida ID's that shouldn't.

Oh yeah - I forgot to mention, this relative wrecked our friend's car yesterday... pulled out right in front of someone and now the rear door of our friend's Cadillac is smashed in. AND, a friend of the relative "up north" found the missing driver's license in the glove compartment of the relative's car. If you're reading this and live in Florida or Pennsylvania, you might want to be especially cautious. He's LEGAL in two states!


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well....thank god (and lets hope she is listening) my recent visitors were from the "uppermidwest" and "central" states. no telling what you've said about them, but how can they be terrorist, they are all supporters, (as inhold up his stockings)of du(m)bya.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger sttropezbutler said...

Oh terror. All so much talk and very little real action. Where does the money flow to. Are police departments just buying fancier equipment? Don't get me wrong, I respect police people and the work they do, especially if they are honest and obey the speed limit, but really all this talk about "Homeland" security is just so much talk! PS, I'm not a great driver but I always try and look both ways....and I do use my signal!


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