Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ranch dressing please

During lunch time I drive a few blocks to Clearwater Harbor where I park by the water to eat. Today I had a store bought "club salad"... tiny bits of turkey, ham and Swiss with a small container of dressing with lots of iceberg lettuce.

I opened all the components & dumped them onto the lettuce. As I reached for the "some assembly required plastic fork" the bowl took a nose dive to the floorboard of my Honda. Many potty words were uttered as I scooped the dressing covered mess up and threw it out my window.

To my complete surprise I was immediately swarmed by seagulls. Who know birds love salad with ranch dressing?


At 7:21 PM, Blogger alan said...

If they're like the gulls that Dottie and I used to lunch with at North Island when we were both stationed there, they wouldn't care what kind of dressing was on it...

Hopefully the carpet comes clean!



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