Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voting made easy!

For the first time ever, I submitted an absentee ballot to the clerk of courts. On Nov. 4 I am scheduled to work 12 hours and was afraid time management might prevent me from getting to the polls on time.There were many choices to make ... the most important was a no brainer. I took my ballot to work and when there was a lull researched candidates and their records, judges and who had appointed them, and those pesky confusingly worded amendments. One very important in Florida is #2 which would like to ban gay marriage.

No rush, no one waiting to use the booth, easy-peasy. I just may do it this way from now on. So... I proudly state I have voted!

Early voting has begun here too. Whatever it takes, mark that ballot and drop it in the box. It is always important, but this year especially so


At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool Beans!
I just called Manatee County Board of Elections to get the address. I'm off to vote early too just as soon as I talk to the Butler about his new abode and how he is doing.


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