Sunday, October 07, 2007


Ah… finally… the internet. I’ve been away so long it’s impossible to take up where I left off. I thought I was tired but looked that up in the dictionary and found out I’m really weary. ::whatever::

Two weeks ago last Friday my mother had surgery for stomach cancer. It’s her third turn to have cancer. Twice she’s had breast cancer. Last time a double mastectomy, the loss of several lymph glands and radiation. This time… very early detection and all the best-case scenarios. Bonus for her, they are pretty sure it was all removed during the procedure and no chemo or radiation. At lease for 6 months..

She didn’t feel at ease staying home alone so I’ve been there for a week … just in case. She’s doing great especially for an 82 year old woman. I basically cooked and took her to the doctor. No internet though and she doesn’t turn her air conditioning down as far as we do so I also did a lot of sweating.

At any rate, I’m finally home and ready for my real world to kick in. The twins are coming tomorrow for a couple of nights. Then I MUST look for a job. Yuck.. I hate working when I need to. Someone dear to my heart suggested Costco is a fabulously employee friendly work place. Perhaps I’ll start there.

Fourth quarter retail… double yuck. ::sigh:: I suppose if we want to eat and continue to use our air conditioning….

Missed you all!


At 4:32 AM, Blogger alan said...

Very good news about your Mom!

I have been thinking of Costco as well for my post GM needs; also perhaps Borders or one of the tackle shops...

I'm glad you are home, and wish neither of us was having to consider these other things!


At 11:11 AM, Blogger CrackerLilo said...

Your poor mom. Poor you, too! She's clearly so strong.

I visited just because I wanted to tell you I name-checked you.

Of course you're weary. I hope you're getting rest. *hug*


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