Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Just My Luck

As usual, we had a great time in Vegas!

Won a little money, ate wonderful food, drank many cocktails and walked a LOT! They had a cool spell while we were there. Only in the high 90's.

It began on kind of a sour note... Up at o'darkthirty to be at the airport two hours early sucks. Boarded first and snagged the good seats in the exit row. I hunker down for the five hour trip with two ipods. One with music and the other my current library book read. We land in LV grab our bags and head for the taxi line. In the cab I discover I am one ipod short. I lament all the way to the hotel about the loss. Upon arrival I called Southwest customer service and leave voicemail regarding the ipod I have assumed I'll never see again.

Unpacking the bags the comfy walking shoes I could hardly wait to put on were in the bottom. New Balance, would have been terrific I'm sure but I took two right shoes. In my defense they were quite similar in appearance. They'd only been sitting in the guest room two weeks prior. ::sigh:: Figuring my luck wasn't looking too good, I decided to save any gambling for another day.

To my surprise my cell phone rang. It was Harold from Southwest lost and found. Can you describe your ipod. (Sure, they all look alike.) White 20G, black faux suede case.... anything else, he asked. Yeah, if you turn it on you'll find there is no music... only a book downloaded. What book, he asks. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I announced proudly. Yep, this is yours! HURRAY!

My Mom's been visiting my sister in Texas and they both met us out there. My daughter Kim and her dear hubby, Ron, drove down from Salt Lake City for the weekend. We had GREAT fun! They treated us to dinner at Emeril's Delmonico restaurant which is in the Venetian Hotel. Yummy! We also made several visits to Margaritaville... nothing better than cheeseburgers in paradise and monster nachos!

Bobby played in a slots tournament at Treasure Island so we were their guests the first three nights. The new Wynn invited us to stay with them free for the next three nights. Beautiful new facility and the room was fabulous. The bed was so comfy I wanted to take it home.

The bonus was the day we were scheduled to fly home the flight was woefully overbooked... we volunteered for the bump. For staying in LV an EXTRA night, we were given a hotel voucher and the money back we paid for our tickets! That means another visit will be in our future!

Dondon, you MUST see the Atrium at the Bellagio. If you have the opportunity to stay there, ask for a fountain room. Awesome view. Steve Wynn built her and she's incredibly beautiful all over. The ceiling in the lobby is a Chuhuly original. Tiffany is there if you need something in a light blue bag, Their buffet it the best (IMHO). If your cost conscious, go for lunch and skip Sunday there when the price is higher.

Aladdin is new, they have lots of shops but I haven't spent a lot of time there.

Caesar's Palace is just plain amazing in size and they have everything you might want at their Forum Shops. Versace and Louis Vuitton to The Stage Deli and all things in between. Good eats in there at Spago's.

Margaritaville.... nuf said

The Venetian is a lovely hotel as well.... again nice shopping and they have LOTS of nice restaurants. Check them out on line. The Grand Luxe is LOTS of good food. But, order to share the portions are HUGE. The Chocolate collision is to die for but it's a desert to share.

Fashion Show Mall is right on the Strip and a fun place to shop.

Wynn hotel and casino is something you should schedule time to check out too.

Get a Vegas guide or ask the concierges at your hotel to help you decide on food. There are MANY 4 and 5 star and trendy restaurants.

Show favorites are:
(KA was awful)
Jubilee is and oldie but a goodie - still the original Bob Mackie costumes.
Lance Burton isn't bad.
Check on line for current dates. Many are substituting for the summer and all are dark one or two nights a week.

A few tips:
If you take a taxi from the airport, be sure you tell them you want the least expensive ride to your destination. Average from airport to hotel on the strip should be $12 - $16. We once got the tour of Central Park, if you know what I mean. Don't let them take you.

The Deuce bus is part of the public transportation and a 24 pass is only $5. For joy riding up and down the Strip you can't beat the price. It also goes downtown if you are curious.

The Stratosphere is NOT recommended especially at night, nor anything north of Wynn actually. (Facing the Stratosphere on the Strip is north.) Lots of gang activity up that way and not the best hotels and casinos. If you stay at Treasure Island, Mirage, Wynn, The Venetian or anything north of the Flamingo you want a south view of the Strip from your window. Bellagio, a fountain view. Paris, Bally, MGM, Aladdin a view of the Bellagio Fountain and anything south of that a north view of the Strip.

Sorry, I am rambling. Don, if you have any other questions, email me privately. You're gonna love it!


At 9:39 AM, Blogger dondon009 said...

WOW.... been waiting for this post!

I have indeed stayed at the Bellagio and yes with a window view of the beautiful fountains and I agree with you that the buffet there is the best. As a matter of fact, I was there for a full week which means I was able to enjoy the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.

I've seen both "Mystere" and "O" but want to see "Mystere" again. It was my favorite.

The wedding is at the Mandalay Bay Resort and we are booked to see "Mama Mia" there the Thursday we arrive.

Friday, friends and family are flying in from several states and Canada. The first flight arrives at 11:00 AM, the next one at 11:10AM and the chaos continues into Friday nite and the rehearsal dinner at the Bellagio. Saturday afternoon is the wedding.

I leave Sunday which means this will be a whirlwind weekend.

I have not seen the Aladdin (it was being built the last time I visited Las Vegas) and am looking forward to seeing the new Wynn.

None of the wedding guests wanted to stay at the Mandalay Bay because it just seemed like we would be with the married couple on their honeymoon.... so we are scattered between the Venetian, the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo, the Luxor and the Excalibur.

Thanks for the updates and the helpful suggestions! The wedding is formal which means I'm dreading having to bring suits on this trip, especially in this weather.

Welcome home!

At 12:17 PM, Blogger CrackerLilo said...

Glad you had a good time and got home safe!!!


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