Friday, September 09, 2005

Add this to the list

Borrowed this morning from


  • "Debit cards given out only at Astrodome
    By Michelle Millhollon / Baton Rouge Advocate"

    (Regarding the FEMA's handing out of $2000 debit cards...)

    FEMA is now backpedaling on those plans, limiting the cards to people camped out in the Astrodome.

    "Before it expands, we have to have it working well," said David Passey of FEMA....

    ... Passey wasn't certain what, if any, measures will be in place to prevent fraud.

    Not certain?


    Is there a central screw up list or are we just suppose to remember them all on our own?

    Rosie's post, "red terror alert" is worth a read today.


    At 3:32 PM, Blogger Sublime said...

    Well said! lol!! I think they are hoping we will all forget the screw-ups. After all, remember how the Shrub (borrowed from STB) got into office in the first place...

    At 1:08 AM, Blogger annie said...

    i can't believe they think a debit card is going to make this all okay for those forgotten people. it will never be all okay, ok?! rosie;s red terror post was intense-and great!!


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