Thursday, November 15, 2007

Turkey Day

Two weeks before Halloween my mother informed me she just wasn't up to having Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Fine with me, we'll have it here, invite your condo friends as usual... no problem. Wahoo! No rubber turkey this year!!! WE have control and can do dinner with less muss and fuss. She always makes a crisis out of it.

Our glee was short lived as she phoned two days later and said she wanted to host the holiday after all... "you'll help" she proclaimed, which is ok I always do.

There will only be six this year unless the dear cousin drives up to join us. Easy-peasy right? WRONG! A day after the "I'll have it" call, she called again. What will you bringing? It's two weeks until Halloween, we have time. She insisted I decide right then as Carol, Irene and she had decided what they were providing and I was the only one who hadn't! OMG! Well then I'd best get on the stick! How about green beans, I asked. That will be fine. Cooked with bacon or casserole? Can I surprise you? Well, no just let me know as soon as you decide. :;sigh::

Since then there have been dozens of calls. Todays was about the centerpiece. She buys flowers, I arrange them when I get there. She doesn't want roses this year... they don't last. Get astramaris I suggest. She wouldn't know one if she saw it she exclaims. I describe and point out Dear Cousin and I have both given her some. She does not remember. Get what you want.

OH are you bringing bacon or casserole?... casserole



At 2:19 PM, Blogger alan said...

Mine called a few days before Halloween and said she had made a centerpiece in a crafts class at the nursing home, could she bring it to Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday...

When Dottie called her back she tried to gently point out that it wasn't Halloween yet, so Thanksgiving was still a while away yet.

Mom said she realized that, but she's had these little misfires before; one of the reasons she is where she is (besides her MS).

For which we are all grateful!

May your holiday be wonderful!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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